Friday, May 18, 2012

5/13 Departing Prescott

Packed and loaded into the van by nine AM Sunday morning we were making great time and well on our way down to Phoenix to find some inspiration for our upcoming mural. Having reached our destined city we traversed the streets, directionally challenged, for the well known murals of the Barrio Cafe. To our pleasant surprise when we found the cafe the walls around it expressed more than expected. Not only were the walls connected to the cafe adorned with beautiful designs but the walls of the community spreading out from behind the cafe were covered with murals and wheat paste designs.

A bathroom excursion into the cafe lead to a meeting between one of the muralists and two students. The artists revealed that the decorated neighborhood was a community project and that he had painted the mural of the man cutting down an agave plant.
After our exploration of the Phoenix mural scene had sufficiently wilted us we piled back up into the van and started the drive towards scenic Gila Bend. This ghost town provided us with comfortable spaceship themed lodgings. With walls that glittered and a pool that glowed green we were fully accommodated.

Best of all the mothership was littered with murals for us to look to in our exploration of design and compositions. The reception area held a dome featuring our galaxy while the diner hosted depictions of spaceships from Star Trek . We are happy to report home that no alien abductions occurred in our presence.

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