Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/19 Changing

This humid morning comes around with us anticipating  news of even more changes that need to be made to our beloved design. The fellows here at the compound had already given us a list of changes to be made. The biggest mistake, in both size and notability, as well as most humorous was the Fin Whale that we had unknowingly drawn in upside down. The other concerns of the fellows mostly revolved around the lack of community we had incorporated.
Julie finally arrived, toddler in tow, to give us the relieving news that we would not need to rework the entire design, and only had to change and take out a few things.
After almost fainting with relief and other dramatic and drawn out expressions of relief, it was back to the drawing board( or wall in our case).
Some were sent to color. Others were off to fix the whale. Those who were not assigned a specific task went to the beach. All were busy. We were against the clock trying to get everything ready to be outlined.

We ended this stressful day be eating a wonderful meal prepared by Laura on the beach with the fellows and researchers, who are currently sharing the compound with us.

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