Friday, May 18, 2012

5/15-5/18 Planning

After getting settled and having a quick tour of the place we went right to work. We talked to the fellows and got a sense of what they wanted up on the wall they would be viewing daily (left) and looked to the station's mission statement, vision statement and of course the mural theme.
Mural Theme: Environmental Conservation; Education; Outreach
Mission Statement: Protecting priority species and habitat through integrated application of science, education, information exchange and community.
Vision Statement:Promoting and modeling collaborations between people from different cultures and institutions to co-createsolutions to complex conservations.
After analyzing these, we sketched!

And on the third day we gathered to critique
The end result that day was three very different collaborative ideas for the wall. One of these was to become our base piece for us to alter and reference for the outline that is going to be projected upon the wall.

During the fourth night and fifth day we finalized what we wanted and made it BIGGER so that an outline could be drawn and then projected
The sixth day was spent exhaustedly finishing this task. Some from the group were set to separate tasks such as writing the proposal that would be presented later that evening for approval and the creation of this blog as the main group finalized the actual design in detail and readied it to be colored.

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