Saturday, June 9, 2012

And so it is Done – But what is its name?

Our piece is done and all are satisfied, until we realized it had no name! We had so often referred to it as “The Mural” that that was its proper title.  That would not work though since all magnificent murals had proper titles and surely our mural is magnificent!
To set this blunder right we wished to have input from the community that would be living with this mural for however long it lasted. During our celebration and presentation of the mural to the community we erected a board for suggestions to be written on. Then to narrow the amount of choices we asked that people star the names they favored the most.
We then took the list on the road with us to choose the best of the best as a class.
If you are curious as to the decision we made you will have to read to the end of this blog where I will post the mural statement that will be headed with our final choice!

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