Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Big Reveal!

The evening of June third found us in the courtyard eagerly waiting to celebrate our accomplishment with the fellows and anyone else who showed up from the community. So we waited. Patiently at first, until we found out there was a piñata for us to swing at. Our patience was then interrupted by the excitement such a prospect brought us. However we endured and soon enough all had gathered.  So the piñata was broken, the mural admired and the Marvelous Miss Mara presented a short video that documented our time spent with a bland wall as we turned it into a much prettier wall.  All together the night was enjoyed by many and it allowed for a proper feeling of closer to our work.
Before we all turned in for the night we were intercepted by the fellows who wished to thank us and express just how much the process we went through as well as the mural itself, meant to them.
While I cannot speak for the entire class I must say that was the high point of this trip for me.

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